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    As we gear up for what summer 23 has in store for us, I was wondering what I could write here that could be of any use when our mindsets are all set on the sun and the sand (sans sand for me because I don't like the feeling of it in between my toes).


    The first thing I could think of was what we can do to feel (and look) as fresh as we feel on the inside. For me, that means less makeup and feeling comfortable in my skin, and one way to do that is to take care of my skin.


    Like many of you, my skin has been through it . . . I'm talking TRENCHES.


    And other than drinking water, sunscreen, and lots (and lots) of prayer, there have been a few products that have helped my skin bounce back.


    Don't believe me?! Ask the people who compliment me for my skin <3


    I believe that sharing is caring, so for the first time ever, I am saving all of us the DM by sharing my skincare routine here and dropping mad links.








    For all inquiries and opportunities, please reach out to our PR team at jasmin@tobigbile.com

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    Been using this 2x daily after being gifted it for Christmas (thanks Z). Keep it in your freezer and take it out before use for cold therapy and optimal health benefits. Key is upwards on face, downwards on neck, and consistency is key to see results. Your sculpted and snatched face will thank you.

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    AM STEP 4



    I know many people who are skeptical of sea moss due to the texture, price, and taste rumors. Mimi's is BLACK-OWNED, delicious, minimal ingredients, and comes in many flavors. I eat 2 tablespoons every morning to help improve my gult health and promote healthy skin.

    AM STEP 5-6



    After moisturizing, I add a healthy dime-sized amount all over my face, neck, ears, and dab on my eyelids. If you're melanin rich like me, you don't fw white-cast sunscreen. Black Girl Sunscreen remedies that with a clear-cast that blends seamlessly with your serums, moisturizers, and makeup.

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    So special that it gets it's own caption. If you suffer from dark spots and acne scarring like me, this, combined with a healthy (and simple) skincare routine, will take care of those. My fading dark spots are proof of this and deadass nothing worked for me prior. AND IT IS BLACK-OWNED!

    PM STEP 7



    Again, I need to say a few more words on this one. You only need a little and Charlotte gives instructions on the box about how to sculpt your face while applying. It's so absorbant that it takes the other serums and creams in your routine so well. I'm rarely blown away by a product but this one is well worth the hype.

    PM STEP 8

    TRETINOIN CREAM (prescription only)


    I personally needed a prescription retinol from my dermatologist due to the pomade acne I had incurred on my forehead (long story short, overuse of hair oils that were great for my hair, but bad for my skin). He assured me this would help make sure that they wouldn't come back if combined with easing out of the chokehold that these hair products had on me (shoutout Mielle ily) and use less freuqently. For me, this percentage has done the mighty trick.

  • Concert Recaps


    5 Seconds of Summer: Take My Hand World Tour

    JUNE 17th, 2022

    Set list: Five minutes before 5 Seconds of Summer walked out on stage at The Hollywood Palladium, my bff and PR director Jasmin turned to me and said "I'm scared". Why? Because our favorite band from high school was about to rip our hearts out of our chests without any warning. The set-list was 100% curated by the band from start to finish, which made it even more enjoyable knowing they were putting on a show for us fans with intention. The opened with sleeper bop "No Shame" from their 2020 album Calm, shocked us all with the song that skyrocketed their careers in our joint high school years "She Looks so Perfect", snuck in an unreleased song, a fan favorite deep cut "Disconnected", and closed with their most popular song of all time, "Youngblood". I lost my mind during "Teeth", watched Jasmin's eyes roll to the back of her head when the first chord of "She Looks So Perfect" hit, and almost shed a tear during "Take My Hand". I'm yet to fully recover.


    Performance Quality: I didn't know what I was walking into when I arrived at the Palladium one week ago for this show. I knew we'd have a good time, just like I had the past 2 times I have seen the band over their 10 years of making music together and stealing hearts, but their growth was so exponential that it was shocking. 5SOS is a live band. Their confidence in their craft as instrumentalists, performers, and vocalists is something they should be proud of, and something that I am in continued awe of. Proud of you boys!!!


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Over-all rating: 4/5

    Charli XCX: Crash World Tour

    APRIL 3rd, 2022

    Set list: Ate. Miss XCX opened with "Lightning", 80's inspired synth pop anthem that will make you throw it in a circle. And that is what we did. Charli XCX didn't miss with a single song selected from her discography. She played the majority of the discography of her latest album Crash, as well as fan favorites from past projects like "party 4 u" (one of my favorite songs of all time), "Vroom Vroom", "Boys", "1999", and "Unlock It". And yes, Troye Sivan and Kim Petras joined her on stage. I'll let you do the math of how much those performances slapped. My favorite? Hard to say as I write this 3 months later (because it took me that long to recover), but it was great to hear my favorite track from Crash, the sultry "Move Me" live, and "Twice" was sneakily my favorite choreo moment of the night. A stand up performance by the self proclaimed "biggest popstar in the f*cking world"!


    Performance Quality: What do you think?! This was Charli XCX is in her popstar era so the performance quality was taken to new heights with her introduction to full choreography for her full set, for the FIRST time! She bodied. I've never been in a more excited crowd in my life, and I've seen Kanye West and One Direction live multiple times, lmao . . .


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4.5/5

    Over-all rating: 4.75/5

    Justin Bieber: JUSTICE Tour

    March 7th, 2022

    Set list: There are few artists that I would willingly watch on a Monday night, but Justin Bieber is most DEFINITELY one of them. I am, afterall, a Belieber of 12+ years. On the first of the two night stint of his Los Angeles stop on his longawaited post-lockdown tour, JB wowed us all by playing all of his hits from his entire library (minus My World, I know, sadly, no "One Less Lonely Girl"). From "Baby", to "All that Matters", to "Love Yourself", to "Yummy", I could list the whole set-list but I will stop myself there. The special guest list was jam packed, with Leon Bridges, Don Toliver, and Quavo all gracing the stage. The only thing missing was opener JADEN joining him on stage for a rendition of "Never Say Never".


    Performance Quality: One thing that is clear when you watch a Justin Bieber show is that he was born to do this. It comes so natural that you can tell he doesn't even have to be there mentally to give a top tier show physically. The choreography, vocals, and Bieber-isms like his signature toddler stomp across the stage during "Anyone" (has definitely graced your fyp on TikTok) were alive and well. I'm a stan until the grave.


    Crowd Reception: 4.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Over-all rating: 4.75/5

    TGBEAM - Concrete Hills

    February 19th, 2022

    Set list: We spent a week crafting the perfect 30 minute set. It had to slap and get the crowd going as TGBEAM was opening up for one of his FAVORITE artists growing up, Lil Yachty. He started off with "TEENAGE VICES", a slapper that is the definition of a TGBEAM track, and closed out with his most popular track to date "Day Trip", and a newer song that we believe is going to skyrocket, "kant sleep". Real black boy rockstar sh*t!


    Performance Quality: If there's one thing a Gbile knows how to do, it's how to own the stage. Every time TGBEAM steps on a stage, he commands it with a star quality that rivals those of his predecessors. His star shines bright and will only continue to on his rise!




    February 4th, 2022

    Set list: While I'm a fan of a handful of glaive's tracks, (s/o "detest me", "1984", and "prick"), there's a good chunk of songs that I'm not yelling in my car on the 101. However, he was able to transition many of his songs so seamlelessly into the next that distinguishing from fan favorites to hidden joints wasn't jarring. Standout performances included "detest me", and when he broughout out Kid Laroi to perform a track together.


    Performance Quality: I gotta give this North Carolina born and bred youngin' a standing O for his crowd interaction skills. He knew how to keep the crowd engaged, and he treated us like his friends. At one point in his set, he chucked his phone into the crowd so his friend and longtime collaborator ericdoa could see him perform.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3.5/5

    Over-all rating: 3.75/5


    November 7th, 2022

    Set list: This is the key reason why this show has one of my lowest ratings. I'm a big A$AP Rocky fan, but mainly because of who he is, and for the handful of songs in his discography that have shaped my taste for years. I also believe that a lot of the fans in a similar demographic to mine felt the same. That's why there was a tad of disappointment due to the lack of key favorites from both him and the A$AP Mob's repertoire on the set list. However, he came through with "Fashion Killa" and newer fan favorite "Praise the Lord".


    Performance Quality: A$AP Rocky knows how to put on a show. His bars were unmatched and he kept the crowd interaction on lock. There's no arguing that!


    Crowd Reception: 2.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Over-all rating: 3.25/5

    BLEACHERS: North American Tour 2021

    OCTOBER 24th, 2021

    Set list: FIRST CONCERT I ATTENDED DURING COVID!!! The setlist is the only aspect keeping the rating away from a perfect 5/5. One of my co-hosts and BFFs from HS and I have been to every Bleachers tour since their inception. Meaning we know which bangers are expected to find a home on their set-lists. And while they did deliver by playing all of the crowd favorites, their renditions of songs like "Foreign Girls" and "Dream of Mickey Mantle" lost me. I FULLY understand wanting to inject newness into songs you've been playing for years, but tracks like those need to be played in their original flavor in order to have the same magic.


    Performance Quality: Bleachers is ALWAYS a 10/10 when it comes to high energy performances with strong vocals and off the wall instrumentation. Their music was written for the stage. 99% of their songs sound better performed live. It's an out of body experience being in the crowd at one of their shows.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Over-all rating: 4/5


    November 9th, 2019

    Set list: Miss XCX blessed us with a set list comprised of every song from her latest album, self-titled Charli, fan favorites (that made for great live performances) from her 2017 mixtape Pop 2,, like "Unlock It", popular singles like "Boys", and most importantly, cult classics like the incredible, one of a kind "Vroom Vroom". However, it wouldn't be a Charli XCX concert if she didn't remind us all of how she got here, so she made sure to throw in her iconic track that skyrocketed Icona Pop to fame: "I Love It".


    Performance Quality: From the moment Charli stepped on stage, two things were clear: she was born to perform, and it's easy for her to put on a great show. Her vocals, crowd involvement, and stage presence were clearly so easy breezy for her that she not only appeared effortless, but like she was performing in her sleep.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Over-all rating: 4.5/5

    PLAYBOI CARTI: Die Lit Tour

    August 3rd, 2018

    Set list: Pretty much a compilation of songs from his latest fire release, Die Lit, and some of his greatest hits from his debut album. No complaints here.


    Performance Quality: All hype. I was gonna insert another "no complaints here", but I'm going to refrain myself, because I do believe that it is possible to deliver a balls to the wall concert and also rap your ass off, Exhibit A & B: Travis Scott and A$AP Ferg. While I commend Carti for hyping up the crowd to the point where the energy of the audience was unlike anything I have ever seen before, I would be quicker to rate the show higher had he done more than rap a few bars over his tracks and let us rap the rest.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Over-all rating: 3.5/5

    2 Chainz: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour

    August 19th, 2017

    Set list: Banger after banger. While Chainz did make sure to play songs off his latest release, he made sure to pay much needed homage to all of the fan-favorites.


    Performance Quality: Have to give it to Chainz for still putting on a hell of a hype show while sitting in a wheelchair, when he very well could have cancelled the remainder of his tour.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Over-all rating: 3.5/5

    Zedd: Echo Tour

    October 13th, 2017

    Set list: Zedd made sure to keep the crowd dancing with smooth transitions and most of his most popular hits like "Beautiful Now" and "Clarity".


    Performance Quality: In order to keep the crowd engaged, Zedd made sure to engage with the Chicago audience through short spurts of hype dialogue, turning the Aragon Ballroom into a rave.


    Crowd Reception: 3/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Over-all rating: 3/5


    November 3rd, 2017

    Set list: Hate to say that I was extremely disappointed with the lack of original content in Snakehips' set list. Instead of playing their original songs, the majority of the set consisted of remixes. We get it, you can remix rap tracks on your laptop, so can my 17 year old brother.


    Performance Quality: I'm going to start this off by saying that only one member of the DUO that is Snakehips was present. Even though there isn't much DJ's can really do in terms of solo "performances", I don't think we should give them a free pass. This was the worst DJ performance I have seen in awhile. Sorry.


    Crowd Reception: 3/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 2/5

    Over-all rating: 2/5

    Bleachers: Gone Now Era, Pt. 2 Tour

    November 11th, 2017

    Set list: Easily the best set-list of the season. Not only did Bleachers seamlessly connect the storyline of their latest release Gone Now, but they also made sure to include plenty of favorites from their OG album. Couldn't have been better.


    Performance Quality: I repeat: couldn't have been better. If anyone knows how to put on a show, it is Jack Antonoff. The group's energy and charisma was through the roof, and Antonoff's live vocals partnered with the plethora of instruments was literal music to the ears. It shouldn't come as a shock that I couldn't give the group anything less than perfect scores across the board.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Over-all rating: 5/5

    Bishop Briggs: Gone Now Era, Pt. 2 Tour

    November 11th, 2017

    Set list: As the opening act for Bleachers, Briggs stunned with a half hour set featuring her hit "River" and her new single "Dream".


    Performance Quality: Bishop Brigg's energy is absolutely contagious, and she brought unexpected life to her dark pop songs.


    Crowd Reception: 3/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 2.5/5

    Over-all rating: 3.5/5

    Mura Masa (Red Bull Sound Select)

    November 16th, 2017

    Set list: Composed entirely of tracks from Mura Masa's stand out debut album.


    Performance Quality: While Mura Masa might not be the most outgoing MC on the planet, teaming up with a background singer to sing (AND rap) all of the tracks on the album raised the entertainment factor.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 2.5/5

    Over-all rating: 3.5/5

    Dua Lipa: The Self Titled Tour

    November 26th, 201 7

    Set list: Composed nearly entirely of tracks from her US debut album, and her closing number "New Rules" turned everyone in the crowd into a pop star.


    Performance Quality: Although Lipa announced early in the show that she was sick, she still gave the performance her all, and her voice was of recording quality throughout.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Over-all rating: 3.5/5

    AJR: The Night the Buzz Stole XMAS

    December 16th, 2017

    Set list: Even though AJR was technically an opening act, they made it near impossible to sleep on their set-list. They played fan favorites from their debut album coupled with Kansas City specific remixes that the crowd ate up.


    Performance Quality: I was ready to roast the hell out of this group for their quirky demeanor, but their energy was through the roof and they performed the hell out of every song in their set.


    Crowd Reception: 4.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 2.5/5

    Over-all rating: 4/5