During the winter, I introduced my R&R reviews -- reality TV and relaxation. This spring, I'm still on that wave, due to comfort being top of mind as I navigate this season full of EXCITING changes (update coming soon). When I need comfort television . . . I go to Bravo!


    So on that note . . .


    Super excited to share my take on everything reality and hear your thoughts! We all know that the best part about watching reality TV, is gossiping about it with your friends before, during, and after a season airs, so I hope this sparks some fun conversation.


    Would love to hear your thoughts on everything, from what you envision being the future of VPR, whether or not you think The Valley is surpassing your expectations, how you think the Radhouse breakout will unfold, and debate whether or not Joey Grazidei is the greatest Bachelor of all time. The answer is yes, in case of any confusion.


    While you're at it, check out my two latest appearances in the LATEST CONTENT section as well.

    Scroll down to read more, and see you soon. <3



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  • Tobi talks to Samira Amalia Ibrahim and dives into her world of PR, luxury, fashion, entertainment, and her partnership with June Ambrose.

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    Tobi talks to Deandra Kanu about how to rebrand strength to save your health in the long-run.


    Tobi talks to a local digital vertical about life-changing advice from her loved ones . . .

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    Tobi talks pop culture, purpose, and more with the experts!


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    Tobi talks to a local digital vertical about her personal and professional journey and how they've shaped her.

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    Reality TV and Relaxtion at it's finest. Thoughts?

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    The Bachelor - Season 28

    Image courtesy of DISNEY/JOHN FLEENOR


    Enjoyment Rating: 4/5

    Season 28 of The Bachelor will go down as one of the best seasons in the last decade. Not because the formula was any different than it has been since the show's inception, but because for the first time in a long time, the bachelor was.


    Can't think of a man that reality TV culture has loved more than Joey. He's the first Bachelor I can think of who has no opps.


    The cast loved him, the crew obvi loved him, and America loved him. We were all genuninely rooting for him to find love, feel accepted, and to feel comfortable expressing emotions that we've never seen on the show from other men in his position. His openness and vulnerability made him a delight to watch and root for.


    Aside from Joey-fest, he had one of the most lovable casts, with the likes of Maria Georgas, Rachel, Kelsey T, Daisy, Jenn, and the wonderful woman who accepted his final rose, Kelsey A. It's been awhile since we have collectively rooted for a couple to stay together given this show's track record, but their earnest connection makes it unbelivably easy to cheer them on. Nearly all of the women were all portrayed to have more layers than Shrek/an onion, and production veered away from common stereotypes and boxes that prior contestants had fallen into in the past. 10s all around!

    broken image

    Below Deck - Season 11

    Image courtesy of Key Art Bravo Media, Bravo Media


    Enjoyment Rating: 4/5

    If you, like me, were guilty of sleeping on the niche Below Deck franchise on Bravo all of these years, now is the time to get out of the dark! My first season of the show was last fall's Below Deck: Mediterranean, and it was enough to sell me on the entire series. This season, on the hero franchise of the series, there's a new captain aboard the super yacht, and a mix of old favorites and new yachties to join in on all of the drama, beautiful sights, work, and tomfoolery that comes with being a yachtie. Between the eclectic cast, conflicting personalities, and Granada views, this is one season you can't miss!

    broken image

    Vanderpump Rules

    Image courtesy of Bravo


    Enjoyment Rating: 3/5

    Giving a rating this low hurts me deeply as I'm a day-1-season-1-episode-1 fan of VPR. Like many of you in a similar place, March 2023 was not only the biggest scandal in Bravo history (which is wild to type, considering how many scandals erupt on my favorite network yearly), but it was also one of the biggest moments in pop culture in the last couple of years. After record-setting views for Season 10, and a gripping storyline that kept us on the edge of our seats, stakes had never been higher for our favorite former SUR employees as they embarked on Season 11, attempting to pick up the pieces and define a new normal after their lives had changed forever. All thanks to a thing called Scandoval.


    Unfortunately, the season hasn't delivered to the same degree as seasons prior. However, in my book, and despite what everyone else is saying, I still find this season to be enjoyable. Since we know what this cast is capable of, it's hard to rate it any higher than I have currently, but that doesn't mean I love this show any less. Andy Cohen shared in March that we shouldn't give up yet, as the rest of the season will apparently take off in unforeseen ways. I will hold out hope!

    broken image

    The Valley

    Image courtesy of Felix Kunze/Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo


    Enjoyment Rating: 4.5/5

    This is the definition of rooting for the underdog. When word traveled about the VPR spinoff The Valley coming to our screens for the first time this spring, fans were not excited. With little involvement of the original VPR cast and a trailer that left a little too much for the imagination, the bar was low.


    But this show has BEYOND delivered, and I am writing this after watching only 2 episodes thus far. If you're not convinced, watch the first episode. With a seamless transition from Jax at Tom Tom with James, Sandoval, Schwartz, and Brock, to his home he share(d?) in the valley with Brittany, it was reminiscent of the transition from RHOBH to VPR in 2013. It was truly a full-circle moment. At the top of the season, we're introduced to a couple who has now filed for divorce at the time of me writing this, a TV villain who may give Jax Taylor a run for his money, former Bachelor and Hannah Montana castmates, Brittany's best friend from Kentucky, our new favorite Bravo couple Janet and Jason, and of course, we are reintroduced to the infamous Kristen Doute.


    The trailer for the rest of the season is nothing short of filled to the brim with drama, making all of us who doubted the reality TV joy this show could bring us look like fools. I know when to admit when I was wrong . . . and YIKES, was I wrong.

    broken image

    Summer House - Season 8


    Image courtesy of Bravo


    Enjoyment Rating: 4.75/5

    SUMMER IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! And this summer, it FINALLY is again. Last season, all Bravo fans were discussing was whether or not the show was on its last leg. Had the cast outgrown their house in the Hamptons? Would we stick around if Bravo recast our faves with a new generation of Hamptons weekenders? All of those conversations have gone mum in recent months after the announcement of the end of Carl Radke and Lindsay "Hubhouse" Hubbard’s controversial engagement. We found ourselves asking if we were queuing up for Scandoval part 2 when we heard that cameras were picked back up, by order of Radke, to film their breakup in their NYC apartment.


    A season that was meant to be a giant question mark evolved into a “Who Done It?” where the entire season, we're being fed clues through various arguments, events, and themed house parties that provide context as to what caused the demise of their relationship.


    Lucky for us, there are B and C storylines that we might love watching more than our favorite New Yorkers have fed us in the past. Cue West Wilson (s/o Kansas City’s new fave) and Ciara’s adorable summer romance, Paige and Craig being Paige and Craig, Jesse Solomon’s antics, and Kymanda working out the new chapter of their marriage. Season 8 may go down in history as the best season of the show thus far.

    broken image

    Buying Beverly Hills - Season 2

    Image courtesy of Netflix


    Enjoyment Rating: 3.75/5

    I skipped Season 1 of this show and every season of RHOBH other than the most recent season. Being the reality TV addict that I am, I had to close every loop following the lack to information provided in the RHOBH 3-part reunion. Then, I hopped on over to Netflix to binge all of Buying Beverly Hills Season 2, in hopes of hearing any and every side of the story and answer the sad question on every Bravo fan’s mind: are Kyle and Mauricio Umansky truly done…forever?!


    What I thought would end up being the plot of the entire season, only ended up being a fraction of it. I found myself enjoying the cast, the beautiful homes, and the coworker drama even more than Selling Sunset. The Oppenheim brothers are SHAKING after this season of peak reality TV realness.

    broken image

    Traitors US - Season 2

    Image Courtesy of Peacock


    Enjoyment Rating: 5/5

    There is a reason why Traitors US - Season 2 was the highest streamed show on Peacock this spring. With it's record breaking streaming numbers, came it's record breaking cast and a riveting plot filled with backstabbing murders that kept each and every one of us watching on our toes yelling, "Oh Lord, not Ekin-Su".


    You can't put Phaedra Parks, Tamra Judge, Pilot Pete, CT, Johnny Bananas, Parvati, Ekin-Su, Larsa Pippen, and more in a Scottish castle and not expect records to be broken. This cast was unbeatable, and the finale is one that very few of us predicted.


    Mix it all together and you know you've got an incredible season of reality TV. Time to put together our dream cast for season 3, cause it will be here before we know it!

    broken image

    Summer House Martha's Vineyard - Season 2

    Image Courtesy of Kareem Black/Bravo


    Enjoyment Rating: 3.75/5

    Summer House is returning to Martha's Vineyard for a second season, and rightfully so! As the second spin-off of the beloved, East Coast, next gen franchise, Martha's Vineyard was a breath of fresh air upon it's 2023 debut.


    This season, all of our favorites are back, e.g. Jordan, Preston, Amir, and more for another two weeks on the vineyard . . . but don't be fooled. Just cause they know each other a bit more this summer around, doesn't mean that the tea is any less piping. After peeping the season premiere, I can tell you one thing: the vineyard didn't come to play this summer.

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    DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

    So this is hands down the most expensive skincare product I own, but is definitely worth every penny. I popped my facial cherry this summer after receiving a HEYDAY gift card from a close friend, and am now a member. It’s my amazing aesthetician who hinted that it would be a massive money saver to purchase my own LED light mask than to get treatment with a specialist. I was nervous as first as this treatment was foreign to my skin, but can confirm that after 2 months, i am already starting to see the results. My skin is glowing, the tiny lines in my skin are working their way into obscurity, and i have not experienced a single breakout.
    This, in combination with my skincare routine, has left me with the best skin I have had since pre-puberty. I now confidently wear makeup only 1-2 times a week, and I can feel my skin thanking me for it!
    If you can afford it, I definitely think this is a worthwhile investment. If you’re not convinced, I don’t blame you, as skincare treatments work differently for everyone, and this may not be the treatment you need. Check back in with me in a year (which is when I should see the most impressive changes).
    broken image




    • 3 settings: red, blue, and purple, all packed with their own benefits
    • Skin tightening
    • Brightening
    • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


    • Expensive
    • Requires charging every 10 days


    By GWPG, for YOU!

  • Concert Recaps


    broken image

    The 5 Seconds of Summer Show

    SEPTEMBER 14th, 2023

    Set-list: I limit my concert reviews to 2 paragraphs and 3 numerical ratings for a reason, I won’t be able to stop raving about my favorite artists. 5SOS are the epitome of this. As my fourth 5SOS tour within an 11 year period, I can confidently say that The 5 Seconds of Summer Show is their most impressive and ambitious tour yet. Ok so set-list. “You Don’t Go To Parties” is hands down my favorite song off of 5SOS5 and probably one of my all-time favorite songs from the Australian band and was probably the prettiest performance of the night with a sonically perfect lead vocal from Calum Hood. I was STARVING for a throwback track and they delivered with “Heartbreak Girl” and “Don’t Stop” from their debut album, both climbing up the list as two of my favorite songs they performed during the glitzy show. Lastly, the transition between “Vapor” and “Waste the Night”, two standouts from the sophomore album Sounds Good, Feels Good was probably one of the best live transitions I have ever heard. As someone who has been a fan of this band for over a decade, I can confidently say that they did not disappoint with their set-list.

    Performance quality: Maybe it was the gravitas of 5SOS5 being toured for the first time, the feeling of watching my favorite band at one of the most iconic venues in the US, or the overwhelming feeling of pride and nostalgia for this band that I grew up with as my agemates, but this show, and setlist, unlocked the most heightened emotional response I have had at a concert since my first time seeing One Direction and 5SOS in 2013. From the moment the curtain dropped, and Luke, Calum, Mikey and Ashton appeared on the massive, checkered stage at the Forum, it was game on. They opened with “Bad Omens”, which is their most sonically ambitious song (think young Coldplay), leaving the crowd absolutely feral. Their ability to make some of their most emotional songs big, stadium feeling ballads that lift the crowd’s spirits is something the band should be extremely proud of. Their classic crowd-interaction interludes felt extremely honest and casual, almost as if they were in a room filled with their friends. Their walls were completely down, and it shown through their performances. The show left me craving more, and also elicited feelings of sadness knowing this is the last tour before their (HOPEFULLY, LORD I AM BEGGING YOU) brief hiatus. So proud of them and their career achievements thus far, and will be waiting patiently until they’re ready to return to the limelight.

    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Overall rating: 5/5

    broken image

    Jonas Brothers: Five Albums, One Night

    SEPTEMBER 9th, 2023

    Set list: This was my first time seeing the iconic trio so my rating is bound to be inflated. Let’s just say I was fully drenched with sweat after the 3rd song. Their second and third tracks of the night for the 30,000 person audience were “Hold On” and “SOS”. Be so forreal right now! The only thing I could compare it to was the A$AP Ferg tour in 2017 when he performed Work and Shabba back to back. Not only did the JoBros sing all of the favorites from their earlier albums, but they also threw in some of their solo work like Jealous and Cake by the Ocean. And the girlies were here for ALL OF IT. Oh, and they brought out Big Rob. It doesn’t get more nostalgic than that!

    Performance Quality: As mentioned on THE WEEKLY BAECAY’s September episode, the Jonas Brothers did not miss a single note. Trust me, we were counting. From their prepubescent wails on songs like “Burnin’ Up” and “Lovebug”, to their latest work from albums like Happiness Begins, their range was out of control. Their band was bursting with color (literally and figuratively) and you could hear it! All of their mega-talented background performers brought the heat, everyone was on their A-game and they kept the energy up throughout the 3.5 hour long show. That would be my only critique of the show -- it definitely felt like 3.5 hours. However, with a discography as long as theirs, I get it.

    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3.5/5

    Overall rating: 4.25/5

    broken image

    Carly Rae Jepsen at the Bellwether

    AUGUST 11th, 2023

    Set list: This was my second time seeing CRJ in less than a year, and this show was just as fabulously pop as the last. Jepsen had just released the antithesis to her 2022 release The Loneliest Time titled The Loveliest Time, and decided to bring it to her LA based fans on a three night stint at the new venue in DTLA.Although she did perform majority newer songs, my favorite songs of the night were, you guessed it, the cult favorites from earlier works. “The Loneliest Time” is ironically one of the most fun pop songs I’ve seen live, “Want You in My Room” was my favorite per usual as it’s one of my favorite pop songs of all time, and “Run Away With Me” never misses.

    Performance quality: Carly Rae Jepsen is one of the OG pop princesses of the mid 2000’s. Similar to Charli XCX, her shows are always ultra-fan focused. Meaning everything from the live renditions of her songs, to her setlist, to her looks, were all performance aspects that were specifically catered towards her fanbase. The only flag I’ll raise is that the continuity of the storytelling within the show felt less put together than her 2022 tour, but that could also be due to the nature of the mini residency-turned-pop-party.

    Crowd Reception: 3.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4.5x/5

    Overall rating: 3.75/5

    broken image

    5 Seconds of Summer: Take My Hand World Tour

    JUNE 17th, 2022

    Set list: Five minutes before 5 Seconds of Summer walked out on stage at The Hollywood Palladium, my bff and PR director Jasmin turned to me and said "I'm scared". Why? Because our favorite band from high school was about to rip our hearts out of our chests without any warning. The set-list was 100% curated by the band from start to finish, which made it even more enjoyable knowing they were putting on a show for us fans with intention. The opened with sleeper bop "No Shame" from their 2020 album Calm, shocked us all with the song that skyrocketed their careers in our joint high school years "She Looks so Perfect", snuck in an unreleased song, a fan favorite deep cut "Disconnected", and closed with their most popular song of all time, "Youngblood". I lost my mind during "Teeth", watched Jasmin's eyes roll to the back of her head when the first chord of "She Looks So Perfect" hit, and almost shed a tear during "Take My Hand". I'm yet to fully recover.


    Performance Quality: I didn't know what I was walking into when I arrived at the Palladium one week ago for this show. I knew we'd have a good time, just like I had the past 2 times I have seen the band over their 10 years of making music together and stealing hearts, but their growth was so exponential that it was shocking. 5SOS is a live band. Their confidence in their craft as instrumentalists, performers, and vocalists is something they should be proud of, and something that I am in continued awe of. Proud of you boys!!!


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Overall rating: 4/5

    broken image

    Charli XCX: Crash World Tour

    APRIL 3rd, 2022

    Set list: Ate. Miss XCX opened with "Lightning", 80's inspired synth pop anthem that will make you throw it in a circle. And that is what we did. Charli XCX didn't miss with a single song selected from her discography. She played the majority of the discography of her latest album Crash, as well as fan favorites from past projects like "party 4 u" (one of my favorite songs of all time), "Vroom Vroom", "Boys", "1999", and "Unlock It". And yes, Troye Sivan and Kim Petras joined her on stage. I'll let you do the math of how much those performances slapped. My favorite? Hard to say as I write this 3 months later (because it took me that long to recover), but it was great to hear my favorite track from Crash, the sultry "Move Me" live, and "Twice" was sneakily my favorite choreo moment of the night. A stand up performance by the self proclaimed "biggest popstar in the f*cking world"!


    Performance Quality: What do you think?! This was Charli XCX is in her popstar era so the performance quality was taken to new heights with her introduction to full choreography for her full set, for the FIRST time! She bodied. I've never been in a more excited crowd in my life, and I've seen Kanye West and One Direction live multiple times, lmao . . .


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4.5/5

    Overall rating: 4.75/5

    broken image

    Justin Bieber: JUSTICE Tour

    March 7th, 2022

    Set list: There are few artists that I would willingly watch on a Monday night, but Justin Bieber is most DEFINITELY one of them. I am, afterall, a Belieber of 12+ years. On the first of the two night stint of his Los Angeles stop on his longawaited post-lockdown tour, JB wowed us all by playing all of his hits from his entire library (minus My World, I know, sadly, no "One Less Lonely Girl"). From "Baby", to "All that Matters", to "Love Yourself", to "Yummy", I could list the whole set-list but I will stop myself there. The special guest list was jam packed, with Leon Bridges, Don Toliver, and Quavo all gracing the stage. The only thing missing was opener JADEN joining him on stage for a rendition of "Never Say Never".


    Performance Quality: One thing that is clear when you watch a Justin Bieber show is that he was born to do this. It comes so natural that you can tell he doesn't even have to be there mentally to give a top tier show physically. The choreography, vocals, and Bieber-isms like his signature toddler stomp across the stage during "Anyone" (has definitely graced your fyp on TikTok) were alive and well. I'm a stan until the grave.


    Crowd Reception: 4.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Overall rating: 4.75/5

    broken image

    TGBEAM - Concrete Hills

    February 19th, 2022

    Set list: We spent a week crafting the perfect 30 minute set. It had to slap and get the crowd going as TGBEAM was opening up for one of his FAVORITE artists growing up, Lil Yachty. He started off with "TEENAGE VICES", a slapper that is the definition of a TGBEAM track, and closed out with his most popular track to date "Day Trip", and a newer song that we believe is going to skyrocket, "kant sleep". Real black boy rockstar sh*t!


    Performance Quality: If there's one thing a Gbile knows how to do, it's how to own the stage. Every time TGBEAM steps on a stage, he commands it with a star quality that rivals those of his predecessors. His star shines bright and will only continue to on his rise!



    broken image


    February 4th, 2022

    Set list: While I'm a fan of a handful of glaive's tracks, (s/o "detest me", "1984", and "prick"), there's a good chunk of songs that I'm not yelling in my car on the 101. However, he was able to transition many of his songs so seamlelessly into the next that distinguishing from fan favorites to hidden joints wasn't jarring. Standout performances included "detest me", and when he broughout out Kid Laroi to perform a track together.


    Performance Quality: I gotta give this North Carolina born and bred youngin' a standing O for his crowd interaction skills. He knew how to keep the crowd engaged, and he treated us like his friends. At one point in his set, he chucked his phone into the crowd so his friend and longtime collaborator ericdoa could see him perform.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3.5/5

    Overall rating: 3.75/5

    broken image


    November 7th, 2022

    Set list: This is the key reason why this show has one of my lowest ratings. I'm a big A$AP Rocky fan, but mainly because of who he is, and for the handful of songs in his discography that have shaped my taste for years. I also believe that a lot of the fans in a similar demographic to mine felt the same. That's why there was a tad of disappointment due to the lack of key favorites from both him and the A$AP Mob's repertoire on the set list. However, he came through with "Fashion Killa" and newer fan favorite "Praise the Lord".


    Performance Quality: A$AP Rocky knows how to put on a show. His bars were unmatched and he kept the crowd interaction on lock. There's no arguing that!


    Crowd Reception: 2.5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Overall rating: 3.25/5

    broken image

    BLEACHERS: North American Tour 2021

    OCTOBER 24th, 2021

    Set list: FIRST CONCERT I ATTENDED DURING COVID!!! The setlist is the only aspect keeping the rating away from a perfect 5/5. One of my co-hosts and BFFs from HS and I have been to every Bleachers tour since their inception. Meaning we know which bangers are expected to find a home on their set-lists. And while they did deliver by playing all of the crowd favorites, their renditions of songs like "Foreign Girls" and "Dream of Mickey Mantle" lost me. I FULLY understand wanting to inject newness into songs you've been playing for years, but tracks like those need to be played in their original flavor in order to have the same magic.


    Performance Quality: Bleachers is ALWAYS a 10/10 when it comes to high energy performances with strong vocals and off the wall instrumentation. Their music was written for the stage. 99% of their songs sound better performed live. It's an out of body experience being in the crowd at one of their shows.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Overall rating: 4/5

    broken image


    November 9th, 2019

    Set list: Miss XCX blessed us with a set list comprised of every song from her latest album, self-titled Charli, fan favorites (that made for great live performances) from her 2017 mixtape Pop 2,, like "Unlock It", popular singles like "Boys", and most importantly, cult classics like the incredible, one of a kind "Vroom Vroom". However, it wouldn't be a Charli XCX concert if she didn't remind us all of how she got here, so she made sure to throw in her iconic track that skyrocketed Icona Pop to fame: "I Love It".


    Performance Quality: From the moment Charli stepped on stage, two things were clear: she was born to perform, and it's easy for her to put on a great show. Her vocals, crowd involvement, and stage presence were clearly so easy breezy for her that she not only appeared effortless, but like she was performing in her sleep.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Overall rating: 4.5/5

    broken image

    PLAYBOI CARTI: Die Lit Tour

    August 3rd, 2018

    Set list: Pretty much a compilation of songs from his latest fire release, Die Lit, and some of his greatest hits from his debut album. No complaints here.


    Performance Quality: All hype. I was gonna insert another "no complaints here", but I'm going to refrain myself, because I do believe that it is possible to deliver a balls to the wall concert and also rap your ass off, Exhibit A & B: Travis Scott and A$AP Ferg. While I commend Carti for hyping up the crowd to the point where the energy of the audience was unlike anything I have ever seen before, I would be quicker to rate the show higher had he done more than rap a few bars over his tracks and let us rap the rest.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 3/5

    Overall rating: 3.5/5

    broken image

    2 Chainz: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour

    August 19th, 2017

    Set list: Banger after banger. While Chainz did make sure to play songs off his latest release, he made sure to pay much needed homage to all of the fan-favorites.


    Performance Quality: Have to give it to Chainz for still putting on a hell of a hype show while sitting in a wheelchair, when he very well could have cancelled the remainder of his tour.


    Crowd Reception: 4/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Overall rating: 3.5/5

    broken image

    Zedd: Echo Tour

    October 13th, 2017

    Set list: Zedd made sure to keep the crowd dancing with smooth transitions and most of his most popular hits like "Beautiful Now" and "Clarity".


    Performance Quality: In order to keep the crowd engaged, Zedd made sure to engage with the Chicago audience through short spurts of hype dialogue, turning the Aragon Ballroom into a rave.


    Crowd Reception: 3/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 4/5

    Overall rating: 3/5

    broken image


    November 3rd, 2017

    Set list: Hate to say that I was extremely disappointed with the lack of original content in Snakehips' set list. Instead of playing their original songs, the majority of the set consisted of remixes. We get it, you can remix rap tracks on your laptop, so can my 17 year old brother.


    Performance Quality: I'm going to start this off by saying that only one member of the DUO that is Snakehips was present. Even though there isn't much DJ's can really do in terms of solo "performances", I don't think we should give them a free pass. This was the worst DJ performance I have seen in awhile. Sorry.


    Crowd Reception: 3/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 2/5

    Overall rating: 2/5

    broken image

    Bleachers: Gone Now Era, Pt. 2 Tour

    November 11th, 2017

    Set list: Easily the best set-list of the season. Not only did Bleachers seamlessly connect the storyline of their latest release Gone Now, but they also made sure to include plenty of favorites from their OG album. Couldn't have been better.


    Performance Quality: I repeat: couldn't have been better. If anyone knows how to put on a show, it is Jack Antonoff. The group's energy and charisma was through the roof, and Antonoff's live vocals partnered with the plethora of instruments was literal music to the ears. It shouldn't come as a shock that I couldn't give the group anything less than perfect scores across the board.


    Crowd Reception: 5/5

    Venue/Stage Design: 5/5

    Overall rating: 5/5

  • Does strength need a rebrand?



    Theme of the season: Reali-TEA TV

    broken image



    When does Issa Rae EVER Miss? Sweet Life, Los Angeles is the show for you if you're a fan of all things black, reality TV, and grew up on a hybrid model of Vanderpump Rules and RHOA and were looking for a way to combine your love for both.


    There's nothing like watching a group of black adults in their mid 20s living their best life professionally, relationally, and personally, all while juggling the highs and lows that come with trying to maintain them all.


    Subtle flex — Tylynn Burns, one of the lead cast members and quick fan favorites, is a former Girl With Purple Gucci's covergirl circa 2018.

    broken image



    And on the other end of reali-tea TV, if you're a fan of Bachelor in Paradise, frequently use the terms "mugged off", "I've got the ick", and "can I pull you for a chat" (hello Love Island superstans, I hope you feel seen), then Fboy Island is for you.


    Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, this show turns all dating reality show rules you thought existed on their heads, by creating a new formula.


    Three women looking for "the one" are whisked away to a beautiful remote island with a group of 20+ men, half self-identified as nice guys, while the other half, self-proclaimed fboys. The task at hand? Sus out the fboys, land yourself a nice guy, and strut off the beach at the end. Sounds easy enough, right? HAAAAAA!


    Slide into our inbox then, our pot is ready!